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Red Pack Walking

The AT




I’ve traveled to a good number of places and have embarked on a couple of epic adventures. I love to write, and I love photography. This site was designed to chronicle my journeys with the hope that you can ‘feel’ exactly how I felt at those moments, in those places. I try to capture the images of not just the place that I’m visiting, but try to capture the sense of what it’s like to actually be there. So travel along with me and be inspired to go out and forge your own path to discover the world, places near and far, and all the wonders that await.


Go.OwnIt® is a trademark 
created from a philosophy of
 being active. Originally, it was 
designed to revolve around 
being physically fit and active 
by just getting out there, and enjoying many of the activities the outdoors has to offer. However, in the recent years, it’s morphed into a philosophy of enjoying life’s adventures, big and small, by experiencing the world, both far and near through a multitude of activities.

The current message is simple…all you need to do is get out there, live actively, and enjoy the many of the wonders the world.

Whether you walk, run, hike, get outdoors, travel, explore, or adventure, it all begins with a desire to enjoy what life has to offer—to be inspired and to inspire, no matter how trivial the activity may seem. It’s about emphasizing that there’s amazement to be found everywhere, in anything you do. Go, get out there. ‘Go.OwnIt®’.


Red Pack Walking was created when I decided to attempt a thru-hike of the entire length of the Appalachian Trail (aka the ‘AT’). I wanted to blog about my journey, as well as explain why I was doing it, and share that story with the folks who were interested in hearing about what it would be like to hike the entire 2,190-mile trail continuously—crossing 14 states.

I had a red pack at the time, and hiking is, after all,
 walking. That is how Red Pack Walking was born.

Although Red Pack Walking used to have its own blog site, it has been migrated here; it’s social media posts have and continue to be made under the umbrella of Go. Own It®


It all started at work. Always looking for new motivational tactics, I coined a term that reflects how people should approach taking on projects or tasks.

During a team meeting I said, “…if you are going to take on a task, you must take it from the start and see it through to the finish. You must ‘own it’.

Since, at the time, I was actively participating in numerous physical activities, including CrossFit®, I frequently found myself inspiring people to become active (usually without even being aware of doing so).

I decided that I had a purpose, to motivate people to become active and be fit, to ‘Go. Own It®’. 
That’s my mantra.

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